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Agape 12 - 2022

Grassi Pietre and Agape 12 @Milan Design Week 2022

“Face à face” by Jean Nouvel Design

At Milan Design Week 2022, in the Agape 12 showroom in Milan, Grassi Pietre was present with the realization of architectural bathtubs and washbasins, designed by Jean Nouvel Design, French architect.

In the construction of the bathtub the surfaces appear simply approach one another side by side, thanks to an ingenious system of invisible joints. The effect is both imposing and light, essential and material, generous and functional. Surfaces brush against one another to become a backrest. Extremely precise design and careful attention to the proper angle of each surface means the bathtub becomes a comfortable nest where you can sit, lie down, read, and relax.

Countertop, wall-mounted and freestanding washbasins

The poetics of two-dimensionality continues in the collection’s washbasins, available in the countertop, wall-mounted and freestanding versions.

All channeled thanks to the suitably inclined plane of the basin, they combine vertical and horizontal surfaces for a rigorous architectural structure. A towel bar or storage component may be added.

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