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Granite and trachytes


Grassi Pietre combines the production of Vicenza stone working also granites and slates to offer the customer the compact materials necessary to meet specific needs (for example outdoor floors in harsh climates).
Granite is an intrusive igneous rock, formed by large crystals, which can have various colors. the most common are pink (due to feldspar), black and white (due to mica) and transparent (due to quartz). The hardness of the material varies according to the composition, our technical office is available to advise you on the correct selection for your project.


Trachite is an effusive magmatic rock, i.e. it is formed by crystallization of a magmatic melt that cools on the earth’s surface or inside the earth’s crust at very low depths. This rock has porphyritic, holocrystalline structure, it is gray in color and usually includes plagioclase, sanidine and biotite minerals.
About 35 million years ago the trachytic magma, rising to the surface, intruded along the stratification planes of the sedimentary rocks, raising them and generating, among others, Euganeai Hills, hills of volcanic origin: today these hills are the most important trachyte tanks in Italy.
Nowadays, different types of trachyte are extracted, in particular the “gray” trachyte , and the “variegated” one. The material is typically used for both interior and exterior floors and walls.

Available granite and trachyte finishes.

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