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Grassi Pietre srl, an excellence in the natural stone sector, places sustainability architecture and innovation at the center, to meet the needs of modern architects. Our company, with a tradition dating back to 1850, specializes in the extraction and processing of the prestigious Vicenza Stone coming from our quarries in the Berici Hills (VI). Vicenza Stone has always been a material of great importance, used by illustrious architects such as Andrea Palladio in the Renaissance and still appreciated today for its beauty and durability.
We are committed to ensuring a sustainable approach at all stages of production. Our quarries are managed with care, minimizing the environmental impact on the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. Access to the quarries is via entrances specially designed to allow the transit of machinery without damaging the surrounding vegetation. When a deposit runs out, we secure the entrance and restore the surrounding environment. Additionally, we regulate the quantities of material extracted in accordance with regional and national regulations to ensure sustainable supply.

In addition to environmental sustainability, we pay attention to the use of renewable energy. At our production plant in Nanto (VI), we installed a modern photovoltaic system which allows us to use clean energy in stone processing. Furthermore, our sawing plants are equipped with a water recirculation and recovery system, further contributing to reducing the environmental impact of our production.


We are proud to present two innovative products that meet the needs of modern architects: Pietranova and Alpi 4.0.


Pietranova is an ecological cement agglomerate made with a mixture of Vicenza Stone grit, white Portland cement and water. This unique product allows us to reuse materials resulting from the excavation and transformation of natural stone. Our final recipe, obtained through a long process of experimentation, guarantees an natural stone agglomerate with a fine and compact grain, homogeneous in its different nuances and with a chemical-physical resistance comparable to that of marble. Pietranova is available in three color variants: white, yellow and grey, depending on the grit residue used in the mix. This ecological material, CE certified and free of harmful substances, offers a wide range of creative possibilities for internal and external coverings, stairs and flooring, giving beauty and value to architectural projects
materiali pietranova bianca
materiali pietranova gialla
materiali pietranova grigia
materiali agglomerato alpi

Alpi 4.0

We continue to invest in research and development, and recently introduced a new cement agglomerate called "Alpi 4.0". This material is made with Grigio Alpi and Grigio Argento clasts, without the use of resins or harmful chemicals.

Another Sustainable Material for Architectural Design

Furthermore, we created a new collection of "Patterns" for coverings and floors, which minimizes waste and optimizes production thanks to reduced formats. Our company combines technology with craftsmanship, creating refined projects with the historic materials of our quarries and the best technologies for stone processing. Our team of expert technicians and operators, constantly trained, offers technical and design support to satisfy every request.
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