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Uses of marbles and stone applications

Discover marble and stone applications: wall claddings, stairs, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and more…

Through the use of Vicenza stone and a wide range of stone materials, including Pietranova, Grassi Pietre creates furnishing elements such as kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, fountains and sculptures, works of classical and modern architecture as well as facade cladding and decorations for villas.

From design to installation, architects, designers and clients entrust their projects to Grassi Pietre, for its great experience and professionalism.
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Applications and Uses of Marble and Stone.

Walls claddings

Our stone is suitable for internal and external claddings, both for classic and modern buildings. The different shades and finishes offer a wide range of combinations that allow us to satisfy every project need.

Stone floorings

Thanks to its refined aesthetic quality and warm, light shades, Vicenza Stone is traditionally used for elegant internal floors. The different stone colours guarantee an intense effect to classical floors and rooms, and a natural effect to modern rooms.

Stone stairs

Our materials are particularly suitable for stair claddings. A wide variety of applications and options are available, both for classical and modern solutions, thus confirming the versatility of our stone production.

Stone kitchen elements

Our stone and marbles are suitable for elegant kitchen surfaces and massive sinks. Grassi Pietre’s strength consists in the refined details of this production branch.

Stone bath elements

With its elegance and sober fascination, Grassi Pietre stone is suitable both for classical and modern bathrooms: floors and claddings, tubs, massive sinks are just a few examples of the company natural stone innovative elements.

Stone fireplaces

The beauty of our stones clearly emerges in fireplace structures, both for classical open fireplaces, and for modern fireplaces for home heating.

Classical Architecture

Over the decades, Grassi Pietre has acquired great experience in the decoration of villas and private homes. Thanks to cutting-edge tools and qualified personnel, we can provide the best solution to any project.

Fountains and Sculptures

Stone has always been the protagonist in the decoration of gardens and outdoor spaces. Grassi Pietre offers both classic and modern fountains and sculptural elements in Vicenza stone.

Stone Pattern

The geometric patterns alternate the various nuances of Vicenza Stone with the accents of marble,
enhancing the aesthetics of the materials with a view to environmental sustainability.
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