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“Torre dei Riflessi”, stone origami are reflected in the water

The “Torre dei Riflessi” is the story of the genesis of Pietra di Vicenza, which was born in the water: a set of marine sediments have settled on the bottom of the sea and over the millenniums the orogeny has transformed them on hills and mountains.

The installation looks like a split of rock that comes from the water: the stone stands out in the form of prismatic stems with vertical up to more than 5 meters, which create stone sides on the surface. The “Torre dei Riflessi” is reflected in many pictures with a precise and geometric rhythm.

“The Pietra di Vicenza finds its original element in the water – says Moreno Zurlo of AcMe studio – shells, corals, algae and shells are metaphorically run to the mountain 40 million years ago, and the particular texture of the Pietra di Vicenza showed it through fossils. Now, with this installation, the ancient inhabitants of the sea come back to reflect themselves in the water, from the top of their solid and immovable dwelling”.

The work required more than 3 cubic meters of Pietra di Vicenza in the variation of Giallo Dorato. The assembly, particularly complicated is “the result of the synergy between designer, marble, architects, engineers and installers who have allowed the implementation of a complicated project” – says Francesco Grassi – “it is part of a journey of experimentation that we have been conducting for years.
A sort of Research & Development that I consider necessary for the growth of each company”.

Photo: Luca Morandini

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