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The energetic efficiency of the Pietra di Vicenza

The Pietra di Vicenza has always been used a lot for building construction or designed for external wall cladding, because of its characteristics of ductility, creative potential, resistance (Pietra di Vicenza tends to harden further over time).

An ulterior characteristic of the stone less known than others, is that it has a powerful thermal inertia. In the case where the stone cladding is designed as a ventilated wall, the construction increases even more the degree of energy performance and relative living comfort. The ventilated stone wall, in fact does not allow to disperse heat in winter, maintains a good degree of refrigeration during the summer months, it defends from sunlight and heat thanks to a natural ventilation of fresh air inside the wall and it protects from the cold by coating the building.

A ventilated stone wall, moreover, allows an excellent hygrometric comfort because it isolates from water and humidity and it facilitates the release of the internal steam as well as ensuring an equally excellent degree of sound-proof.


Discover the project: Residence “Duchessa Margherita” in Piacenza
Project: Studio Arch. Paolo Pagani
Credits photo: Daniele Domenicali www.danieledomenicali.com


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