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Certifications of our sustainable materials

Grassi Pietre places sustainability and innovation issues at the center to meet the needs of modern architects and strives to ensure a sustainable approach at all stages of production. Sustainability should not only be described, but there are certifications that confirm our commitment.

Materials for sustainable architecture

We carried out the life cycle assessment (LCA) of the Vicenza Stone which confirms its status as an ecological and sustainable material for architects.
During the extraction phase, the Vicenza Stone quarries are carefully managed to reduce the environmental impact. Excavation operations are carried out with modern, precision equipment, which minimizes the amount of waste material produced during the process. Furthermore, access to the quarries is via dedicated roads, thus reducing the impact on the surrounding vegetation.
During the processing phase, stone blocks are transformed into finished products using advanced machinery and innovative technologies. Vicenza Stone requires relatively low energy consumption during the sawing, grinding and polishing process. Furthermore, the use of water is optimized thanks to water recirculation and recovery systems, significantly reducing total water consumption.
A key aspect of the sustainability of Vicenza Stone is its durability over time. This natural sustainable material is known for its strength and stability, making it a long-term choice for architects. Thanks to its physical and chemical characteristics, Vicenza Stone requires reduced maintenance compared to other materials, reducing the use of chemicals and the environmental impact associated with cleaning and maintenance.
Furthermore, Vicenza Stone is a completely recyclable material. Processing residues and production waste can be reused as aggregates for the production of new materials such as the ecological Pietranova cement agglomerate, thus reducing the overall environmental impact.
Finally, Vicenza Stone also offers advantages in terms of energy efficiency of buildings. Thanks to its high thermal capacity, natural stone helps regulate the internal temperature of buildings, reducing the use of heating and cooling systems and, consequently, the environmental impact linked to the energy consumed for the comfort of internal environments.

In conclusion, the life cycle assessment of Vicenza Stone demonstrates that this natural material is an ecological and sustainable choice for architects. From extraction to processing and long-term durability, Vicenza Stone stands out for its low environmental impact and its ability to contribute to high-quality, sustainable buildings.
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