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Pietranova – our exclusive material – is a cement agglomerate made of Pietra di Vicenza chips, coming directly from our quarries, white Portland cement and water.

Therefore, from a recycled material, we created a new raw material: constant, uniform and resistant, which can be used in any interior or exterior environment, both as cladding or flooring. Apt for any large format and for any thickness, it is also recommended for damp wet areas since it has a low porosity.

Pietranova is the perfect combination of intrinsic beauty of a natural material, like Pietra di Vicenza, and the physical and mechanical properties that only cutting-edge technology can offer. Available in three colors – white, yellow, gray – and in many textures – polished, honed, brushed, bushhammered, scratched – is a 100% made in Italy and CE certificate material. It does not contain any substance harmful to the environment or to humans, it is environmentally friendly and it has a strength comparable to that of marbles.

The finishes available in Pietranova Gialla

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