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The House Boat (Puntaldia) – Italy

Design: Simone Micheli

In the landscape of Puntaldìa, in Sardinia, arch. Simone Micheli designed House Boat – a charming contemporary-style apartment. A space dedicated to redefine the concept of luxury, materializing the relationship between man, space, time and no longer conceived as the opulence of goods.

Removing the superfluous, the environment acquires aesthetic rigour and the value of existence emerges clearly in the attention of every detail. The ideal of life on a boat, always open to new adventures but perfectly organized in the management of spaces and the optimization of functions, stands at the beginning of the guide for the design of House Boat, turning into avant-garde thinking in the balance between the future (design, innovation, technology) and the traditional charm of the ancient art of master carpenters and through the use of natural stone.

The colours brighten up the space, heightening its dynamism, the shapes of the furniture create different levels that do not cease to overlap and recompose based on continuous changes in perspective, and reflect the beauty of the Vicenza Stone in the background. Perla dei Berici in brushed finish has been used for all floors, bathrooms and kitchen splashback.

The beauty of the outside world penetrates inside the apartment with large windows and generates clever mixtures of dreams and reality.

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