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Primrose Hill House

At the heart of this renovation project is a 1960s house located in Primrose Hill, in the north of London, characterized by a landscaped garden facing three sides of the building.

The relation between indoors and outdoors is a distinctive element of the spaces, highlighted by the presence of a large window in the kitchen and wooden sliding doors that enhance the living area.

Natural light underlines the texture of the natural materials, which enrich the open living spaces.

Prominent among these, is the large kitchen on the lower floor characterized by a central island, made of Grigio Alpi (Vicenza Stone).

Grigio Alpi was also used for floors in the living area, giving continuity to the environments. Particular emphasis is given to the living room by the combination with the exclusive terrazzo Alpi 4.0, which delimits the space, creating a carpet insert.

On the upper floor, new rooms were created with the extension of the roof. In the bathroom, the space is marked by the use of Rosso di Masso, giving accents of color in contrast to the wooden joinery.

The common thread of Primrose Hill House project is the use of natural and sustainable materials, including Grigio Alpi and Alpi 4.0, supplied by Grassi Pietre, co-ordinated by Design Driven.

In addition to the use of sustainable materials, the project focused on improving the home's environmental impact, aiming to reduce energy needs thanks to high-performance insulation and heat recovery.

Design: Ben Ridley, Christian Brailey – Project Architects – Architecture For London
Photography: Christian Brailey
In partnership with: Design Driven Ltd

Primrose Hill londra Grigio Alpi
Primrose Hill londra Grigio Alpi
Primrose Hill londra Grigio Alpi
Primrose Hill londra Grigio Alpi
Primrose Hill londra Grigio Alpi
Primrose Hill londra Grigio Alpi
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