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Aston Martin - Stuttgart

The new Aston Martin Lagonda dealership in Stuttgart is characterised by its elegant and refined design, combining the use of high-quality materials.

Designed by AML Design Team the showroom has also come to life thanks to the Vicenza Stone, supplied by Grassi Pietre.

The floor, a central feature of the design, has been supplied in Grigio Alpi® honed in large formats of 1m x 1m tiles.

The stone, selected from the best blocks from our quarry, has undertaken a consolidating process to guarantee the highest performance to enable withstanding the weight of the cars on display.

The bathroom flooring and cladding are also in Grigio Alpi® honed finish.

The Papyro finish has been selected to feature on the brand wall, giving it a unique texture with an artisanal touch.

The final result is a suggestive space where the design of Aston Martin meets the Vicenza Stone represented by the elegance of the Grigio Alpi®.

In collaboration with: Design Driven Ltd
Project: AML Design Team
Architect: Gurk Architekten Stuttgart
Installation: Haecker Stein
Photography: Werner Huthmacher

Aston Martin Grigio Alpi
Aston Martin Grigio Alpi
Aston Martin Grigio Alpi
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