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Pietranova: The Stone With Low Environmental Impact

PIETRANOVA an agglomerate cement composed of stone grit from Pietra di Vicenza of the Grassi Pietre quarries, white Portland cement and water. Pietranova with its stone and complete beauty tells our special attention to the environment.

Pietranova is the result of the technological avant-garde that distinguishes us, it is realized thanks to the recycling of the Vicenza Vicenza processing waste and it is completely free of polluting materials (chemical substances or epoxy resins).

Available in white, yellow and gray, in various finishes, it is used in indoor and outdoor works for floors, walls, stairs, etc. resulting in easy installation because constant, uniform, and as a monolayer product that can be re-polished on site.

PIETRANOVA keeps the timeless charm of the Pietra di Vicenza unchanged, adding a physical-chemical resistance that makes it even stronger and more compact.
A perfect combination of aesthetics, efficiency and low environmental impact.


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