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Perla dei Berici : the jewel emerged from the quarry Sc-ioso in Grancona.

A real surprise of nature. Safeguarded in the heart of the mountain for thousands of years and today revealed as jewel of rare beauty and uniqueness. It is the whitish streak immersed in the Pietra del Mare , found by digging  in the quarry called Sc-ioso, in the small town of Grancona.

This is not Bianco Avorio,  whose origin is placed in the Oligocene (between 33 and 23 million years ago), it is much older , dating back to  55 to 33 million of  years ago, as all Yellow Vicenza stone .

We did found traces  of this material in the past , and from its beauty we baptized  it Perla dei Berici ( Berici Pearl ) . The vein found today is quite substantial and so far we have extracted a dozen blocks of healthy, all-white / gray / beige blocks . Perla dei Berici presents rounded fossils (foraminifera), typical of this type of stone, harder and more compact than Bianco Avorio, it can be used for floors, stairs and  wall coverings.

A true gift that nature  gave us and we have now shared  with you.
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