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Natural stone slabs and blocks of stone

Grassi Pietre relies on a large warehouse with over 8000 m. of stone slabs and blocks of the various Vicenza Stone types. Every single stone block is catalogued according to the different “courses”, i.e. layers within the quarry of origin. Besides, Grassi Pietre offers a wide selection of the finest Italian marble varieties.

The dimensions of Vicenza Stone slabs vary according to the quarry and to the spot of origin within the quarry itself. In order to guarantee the material traceability, every single Vicenza Stone block is marked with the specific “course” (i.e. layer) in the quarry of origin. The “direction”, representing the sedimentation plane of natural stone stratification, is further indicated.

Our warehouse of stone slabs and blocks

bianco avorio - honed
bianco avorio - brushed
giallo dorato - honed
giallo dorato rosso venato
giallo dorato - brushed
grigio alpi - honed
grigio alpi - brushed
grigio argento
grigio argento - honed
perla dei berici - honed
pietra del mare - honed
pietranova gialla - polished
pietranova grigia - honed
pietranova bianca - honed
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