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Grassi Pietre for Casa Presotto during the Design Week 2019

Casa Presotto, Corso di Porta Romana 2 - FuoriSalone 9-14 April 2019

FuoriSalone 2019. The Vicenza Stone by Grassi Pietre for Casa Presotto, flagship store in Milan. A fireplace, designed by the architect Edoardo Gherardi where the famous Palladio Stone is shown throughout its natural beauty in the Grigio Alpi declination with a refined sandblasted finish.

Emblem of the recent renewal of the historic Pordenone furniture company, this new store created by the Gherardiarchitetti studio proposes a new concept of contemporary furniture, with new products and finishes, through a careful review of the interior spaces of a prestigious Milanese building. EM editing, specialized in research for new architectural surfaces, assisted the whole project.

Among the refined Presotto furnishing elements, the sculptural fireplace by Grassi Pietre plays a central role in the exhibition space, standing out for its rigorous lines, fascinatingly design, capable of enhancing the character of an extremely contemporary environment with an imprint of strong naturalness and authentic Made in Italy.

An architectural elegance is also conferred by the Vicenza Stone, the main material of the Grassi Pietre production directly from its underground quarries in the Berici hills (Vicenza, Italy). Natural stone of particular purity and strength, chosen by EM Editing in theĀ Grigio Alpi declination characterized by the typical light gray colour and the high number of macrofossils.

Casa Presotto will be open from the 9th to the 14th of Aprie 2019, from 10 AM to 8 PM

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