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Cava Acque

The new exhibition route for architects and designers dedicated to the Pietra di Vicenza made inside the underground quarry of Grassi Pietre in Grancona (VI).

“Cava Acque di Grancona” becomes the evocative stage of the exhibition of Grassi Pietre dedicated to the Pietra di Vicenza.

Conceived as a kind of art gallery and curated by the architect Silvia Sandini, the exhibition includes several thematic sections leading to the company’s new large conference hall.

The route runs on the basis of the historical dichotomy between the Vicenza Stone and the Grassi family, (more than 150 years engaged in the extraction and processing of stone), the explanation of the characteristics of the underground quarries and the extraction system in addition to ultra-centenary use in the architecture of the “Pietra di Andrea Palladio” which made it famous not only with his works but also by inserting a  description in the first of his “Four Books of Architecture”.


If the visit of an underground quarry is already a unique experience, the Cava Acque exhibition itinerary involves the visitor with over 150 years of artifacts and artifacts that lay in the warehouse of the company Grassi Pietre and which now revisit the light through the exhibition areas called: “I Mascheroni”, “Gli Animali,” “La Scultura in Giardino”, “Laboratorio del Marmo” (another brand of Grassi Pietre), “Grassi Pietre exhibition” and “Il lapidarium”. The “fil rouge” of all the sections is maintained by clear iconographic guides.

Mariavittoria and Francesco Grassi, fourth generation of Grassi Pietre “We strongly wanted this exhibition because we lacked a reference on the processing of Vicenza Stone which is an integral part of the history of our territory. This was a moment of reflection for us on the long entrepreneurial history of our family that we somehow wanted to rearrange working on all the heritage of sculptures and artifacts that lay in our warehouse. Each piece belongs to different eras and has different working methods, from the hand-extraction of the blocks to the current modern processing technologies “.

Cava Acque can be visited by architects, designers and experts by appointment.
For information info@grassipietre.it

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