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Always looking towards the future

Many years have passed since 1929, but Pietro Grassi tells the facts as if they had passed only yesterday. A story full of details, memories and emotions. Of hard work and courage, obstacles to face, satisfactions to narrate, results to saw and then to harvest as fruits of work and passion.

Happy birthday, Pietro!

Saturday 19 October 2019 is a date to remember: we celebrated Pietro Grassi's 90th birthday: a life spent among and for the stone.

The evening was attended by colleagues, collaborators, friends, relatives and customers. People who know Pietro's work for this company, the Grassi Pietre, which has grown over the years thanks to those who believed in it. And that continues to grow thanks to the children, Mariavittoria, Raffaella, Francesco and Chiara.

From generation to  generation.

Today Grassi Pietre is managed by the fourth and fifth generation. From 1850 the company has born with its quarries of Pietra di Vicenza and they continue to supply us this precious material that designs different works all over the world. Grassi Pietre collaborates with numerous internationally renowned architects and designers, but in Pietro's hands the signs of a work that goes beyond what we imagine when we get involved in the beauty and elegance of the projects, stones and marbles are visible ... The signs of a time spent working the stone, feeling its veins, breathing in its smell. The signs of a life dedicated to working and building unique pieces, and keeping the value of Made in Italy high.

The signs of a life dedicated to working and building unique pieces, and keeping the value of Made in Italy high.

Grassi Pietre: a company, a family.

Pietro began to live the company at the age of four, when he accompanied his father to work at the then "Bottega" as they used to call the laboratory.

During his scholastic career and after, Grassi Pietre was for him a second home, a point of reference, a sacred place that he kept, and still preserves, the sacrifices and values ​​that enrich the wealth of experience and knowledge of those who shares work and philosophy.

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