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A splitted Trachyte Euganea stone for Farini bakery Venice

Bread pizza focaccia and brioches served on a splitted Euganean Trachyte stone chosen by the architect Cristiano Urban, to become the top counter in the third Farini bakery shop in Venice.

Venetian inspiration Grassi Pietre

Food Architecture

The counter top made with a splitted Euganean Trachyte crust interprets the personality and gastronomic soul of the place, creating an atmosphere definetely original that rejoice guests.
Our technical staff supervised by art director Francesco Grassi was able to give a shape to the designer intent and inspiration.

Tourists visiting Venice can enjoy the authentic Made in Italy culinary tradition in the Farini Bakery, located in San Lio, where good food and design complement each other.



Grassi Splitted trachyte stones for Grassi Pietre Farini bakery Venice
Grassi Pietre a splitted trachyte crust for top counter

The form and matter of inspiration in Venice

For the third Farini bakery in Venice, we supplied Trachite - Zovonite Euganea stone floors and walls with a brushed finish. The counter and the furnishings are made with natural split finish elements. Natural stone in projects where innovation and originality come together makes the difference.
To download the project portfolio, click the following active link: Grassi Pietre 2020_catalogo.

The shape of inspiration comes true

Pietra di Vicenza and its unique sign, forecasting the design trends of the incoming new decade.
We know how meet the designer inspirations and requirements with passion and reliability.
There are many pure design creations made, such as the Wine Archive, concept Moreno Zurlo for Cantina Zyme, in Vicenza Giallo Dorato stone, Pinnacle Award in 2015.
And then Cocoon .. in which with meticulous accuracy and method we have transformed the Solanas garden seat into a stone throne.
A contamination for the outdoor living designed by Daniel Germani of Gandia Blasco, which can be admired in our showroom.
Palladio stone is our landmark, nevertheless we are experts in the processing of other fine stones, such as: fine marbles, granites, slates, and Trachyte Euganea.

Cocoon Grassi Pietre Gandia Blasco
Visitors in our newly wonderful show-room are welcome by appointment only at: info@grassipietre.it

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