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A new prestigious collaboration between GRASSI PIETRE and WENDELL BURNETTE ARCHITECTS

A direct line between Phoenix, Arizona, and Nanto, Vicenza, has given birth to a wonderful project of the highest design, created by Wendell Burnette Architects, internationally renowned studio, starring the Vicenza Stone Grassi Pietre.

A master bath renovation of the Dialogue House, an incredible project sited at the base of Echo Mountain.

The Dialogue House was conceived as two volumes of light – one warm and one cool – one focused outward to the expansive horizon and one upward to the canopy of the desert sky.  The main living volume is elevated above work, guest, and the car, furthest from the street on a lateral pinwheel brace of charcoal masonry walls that extend cardinally capturing the site.  This well shaded volume is projected south far across the Phoenix basin and the downtown skyline to South Mountain and the Sierra Estrella Range.  A second volume houses the pool – half-terrace, half-filled with water, and only pointed up toward the deep azure of the Arizona sky.

With this bathroom renovation, we sought a product that would work in harmony with the existing wood and stone floors in the rest of the house and at the same time add textural and visual interest to the design.  Bianco Avorio – with its nuanced, refined character – proved to be that product.  The slot skylight reveals the tactile quality of the stone.  And its natural beauty and calm, uniform color expand the sense of space within a relatively small footprint.”  Wendell Burnette



Dialogue House_3

Dialogue_Bath_1 Dialogue_Bath_WB_Sketch

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